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Cesarean Mindfulness-based Birthing Class© (NEW PROGRAM)

90 min

Having a planned C-section? This is a class designed to support the birthing person and partner with tools and practices covering anatomy, mindfulness interventions, and coping methods for birth and recovery with a C-section. Learn to feel fearless about your birth and rehabilitate your body in a calm and empowering way.

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Birthing & Breathing program

Want to try an introduction to the Basics of Child Birth Education try our Birthing and Breathing program?

Mindfulness- Based Birth Breathing Curriculum OUTLINE ( 2 CLASSES each 1.5 HRS LONG)

Want to learn some breathing techniques based on science, we offer different mindfulness breathing practices for the different stages of labor. Learn to support your body with practical physical birthing positions that will also complement this breathing strategies.

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