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Anuka applies her unique combination of business and mindfulness skills to her work as a mindfulness-based leadership coach. She mentors executives, entrepreneurs and individuals in becoming confident mindful and effective leaders.

For over 10 years Anuka worked in Human Resources, Program Management and Executive Officer roles supporting and advising executives in government and international organizations.

Across these roles she has worked in different countries both in Europe and Africa and these experiences has shown her how strategy, culture and the human connection can influence and impact how leaders can work with their employees with more effective leadership but also have a positive influence on the lives of so many people from their conference tables to their dining tables.

As a long-term practioner of mindfulness and various forms of meditation, Anuka is committed to strengthening the effectiveness of individuals, executive teams, business groups and boards of directors using mindfulness-based leadership and emotional intelligence coaching.

She holds a BA from the University of Queen Mary ( University of London) a Masters degree from the School of Oriental and African Studies (University of London) and a postgraduate Diploma in Organizational Leadership from the University of Oxford.

Mindfulness-Based Race, Resilience and Leadership Program

Program Overview

The live sessions are structured into three 90-minute modules that offer simple, practical and applied tools for building resilience and thriving especially in challenging times or environments:

Module 1: Mental Clarity and Focus

Managing stress and overwhelm. Building focus and trust in challenging environments

Module 2: Develop Resilience

Mindsets and skills for adaptability and creativity in a Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous (VUCA) World.

Module 3: Communicating with Impact

Search Inside Yourself 2 Day Program

The original 2-day mindfulness-based emotional intelligence training program developed at Google.

Improve focus, empathy and resilience to harness your team’s full potential. To learn about our biases and stereotypes so we can commit ourselves to a process of truth and reconciliation towards race in the workplace.

We teach leaders tools for diversity and inclusion, self-awareness and resilience.

Designed and tested at Google, the SIY program teaches mindfulness and emotional intelligence skills that lead to
sustained peak performance, strong collaboration and effective leadership.

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