UNLOCK the POWER to HEAL your body and mind.

Want to break a habit that is not good for you?

If you are finding it hard to change or break a habit, it probably is because on some level there is a subconscious motivation to keep it.

Maybe you want to lose weight and every day at 3pm – you find yourself craving sugary food!

You may consciously understand that this habit isn’t supporting your weight loss goal. But your subconscious mind (which is designed to help keep you safe in all situations) will perhaps say to you but this gives me happiness and pleasure.

So, hypnotherapy can help this type of conscious/subconscious battle by using relaxation techniques, the power of suggestion and positive imagery to help you build a change.

Although your mind my wonder and drift during a session, you should still be able to hear everything that is being said to you during the session.

My Approach to Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy can be used to promote one’s physical or emotional health. Dr Allen S. Chips illustrates this message best when he states that the transpersonal hypnotherapy approach may be likened to a reading performed by Edgar Cayce, a father of modern holistic medicine in the US who once said: “the spirit is the life, the mind is the builder and the body is the result.”

Hypnotherapy is being used as a mainstream medicine both in the US and around the world. There is mounting evidence to show that the human brain does respond to hypnosis and the transpersonal approach bridges the body, mind or spirt (or higher source) and by doing this it has the ability to treat an array of mental and physical disorders ranging from anxiety and phobias to weight control and smoking cessation.

My Approach to Hypnotherapy

Why should I try Hypnotherapy?

It is a transformative self-healing therapy

Unlike other clinical treatments, hypnotherapy works with your unconscious mind and this is where your memories, habits are stored. If you want to make changes you have to change your processes and this may not be seen or even acknowledged with your conscious mind.


Of course, every client is different, but on average with transpersonal hypnotherapy a few sessions with clients can treat and solve a great degree of negative habits and ailments.


If you are someone that suffers from insomnia or cannot stop your mind buzzing at night with thoughts….by keeping you relaxed and with bespoke suggestions hypnotherapy can give you the tools you need to manage and prevent any form of anxiety to give you that calm mind and more importantly a good night’s sleep!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is hypnosis?
A state of relaxation and/or a level of concentration that the average individual reaches daily. The only requirement for getting therapeutic results is that the person has a conscious desire to change, or in other words, is in agreement with the suggestions.
Can everyone be hypnotized?
Yes. As long as a person is willing, he or she may go under hypnosis. There is positive correlation between one’s willingness to relax and concentrate and the ability to undergo hypnosis.
Will hypnotherapy make me cluck like a chicken?
No. I conduct therapeutic transpersonal hypnotherapy sessions where you are always in control and conscious of what is happening during the session.

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