I’m Anuka! 

Founder of Janu Joyful Services
Mindfulness & Emotional Intelligence Consultant,
Child Birth Educator & Emotional-Life CoachFind Out more about my new chapter in the Mindset Mastery Ebook Below.


Mindset Mastery –Parenthood vs. Career : How to Find a Mindful Balance

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About Anuka

About Anuka

Founder of Janu Joyful Services.

Mindfulness & Emotional Intelligence Consultant at Inseus

Child Birth Educator & Emotional-Life Coach


Anuka spent her early childhood in Colombo, Sri Lanka where she spent a great deal of time volunteering with local monasteries following the teaching of Theravada Buddhism.
With over 20 years of meditation and mindfulness expression, a passion for human transformation and dedication to serving people, companies and institutions with mindfulness based resilience tools and helping individuals increase their wellbeing using self-awareness
She holds a BA from the University of Queen Mary (University of London), a Master’s degree (MA) from the School of Oriental and African Studies (University of London) and a Postgraduate Diploma in Business Organizational Leadership , Said Business School, from the University of Oxford.
Anuka has lived in Washington DC for the last 5 years and is now currently located in Hout Bay, Cape town. She is a Certified Search Inside Yourself (SIY) teacher, Anuka has worked with INSEUS to teach the SIY programs to global companies including Adecco. Being an INSEUS teacher she has also worked with Ashley Nelson to teach SIY programs to the public as well as private invite-only programs to individuals from business communities. She also works as a Child Birth Educator and works with Doula Agencies to support birthing parents with child birth education including HypnoBirthing classes.
Anuka has also trained as a Life Coach with the Martha Beck Wayfinder Life Coaching Federation. She is an active member of the Said Business School and Oxford University Alumni in Washington DC and is dedicated to teaching mindfulness virtually to her local non-profit
organization Little Falls Village in Bethesda Maryland. In this role she offers mindfulness and wellbeing support to the elderly community.
Anuka is married to her husband, Sedwyn, for 8 years and has two children aged 7 and 3.

Trusting our Flaws
I have been watching the Netflix series called ‘ From Scratch ‘ by Attica Locke and Tembi Locke for Netflix. It was  inspired by Tembi Locke's memoir of the same name.   It reminded me of the possibility of awakening through darkness/crisis/loss. How do we open our...
When to pause and reconnect at work 
When to pause and reconnect at work  When we get activated we need to pause. But what does that even mean? We can all get activated in different ways, especially in a communal office workplace. For some it may be tension in the body, for others this quick need to...
How do we achieve balance in our job post pandemic
During the last couple of months, i often hear my coaching clients ask me in our sessions: “ I just feel overwhelmed and anxious right now, and I don’t really know why because everything at work seems okay and i feel good about my work situation and yet this anxiety...
Staying Awake
A few weeks ago I was getting ready to start my out of office message, as I was attending a friend’s destination wedding. At work ( and i am sure many of you reading this can relate to this) i was frantically trying to get my inbox all cleared and finalizing all my to...
The art of letting go at work 
Ajahn Chah is a very well known meditation teacher and monk. He once said : “ If you let go a little you find a little peace, if you let go a lot you will find a lot of peace…if you let go absolutely you will find absolute peace and tranquility.”  These last few weeks...
Human beings need authenticity. We need to have a connection with ourselves otherwise how do we connect with the life and environments we are born and raised into? How can we learn to live in societies sometimes so deeply distanced from our own ethnic cultures, values...
What to do when you feel disembodied at work?
I define being ‘disembodied’ when you feel completely led, overwhelmed and only connected to your thoughts. When you feel completely disconnected from your body. It is during those times, where it is very difficult to feel connected to someone, we feel a huge...
How do you balance personal stress with professional growth?
  I truly believe we cannot heal ourselves and grow unless we start with accepting and being with the difficulties within our own being and elements that contribute to these challenges from our external world  ( all those actions that happen around us.) When we...
Why is inner-wisdom hard to cultivate at work?
Sometimes it can be very hard to be conscious of our behavior, speech and actions when our minds are completely focused on a ‘certain enemy’ with no spaciousness to see other perspectives, cultures and values. It seems to have no real purpose but yet if we look at...
How do you survive challenges at work?
Sometimes when I find myself in moments where something really BAD happens at work. Some event, I didn't expect to happen; or I didn't expect my reaction,  or my EGO just totally dominates every thought. I lose myself in the moment.  Although I consider myself a...
Is it time to go deeper with our mindset at work?
  Sometimes we may find ourselves questioning our strengths or constantly self-evaluating after we have completed a project at work or completed a task that requires our expertise. I remember becoming quite paranoid at one point earlier in my HR career with...
How do i navigate my ego?
I often find when I talk to employees at a company or leaders in my coaching that when we talk about presence it seems like a really surreal concept at first for many, especially in western societies. Most of the time i hear the comment : ‘ but i am always present, i...
How do i find peace when i am frustrated at work?
Have you experienced a moment at work where you are sitting ( or standing) at your desk and you open an email and you feel this rush of sensation throughout the body? The message you read for whatever reason makes you feel a sudden fury or maybe even anxiety. Soon...