Childbirth Education Preparation Course at | Janani Integrative Wellness Studio

The Club Retail, Hazelwood Pretoria

Dates : Wednesday 4th May and Wednesday 11th May 6:30-8:00pm

Location: Janani Integrative Wellness Studio, The Club Mall, Hazelwood Pretoria

What is included ?

  • TWO classes that are 90 minutes each
  • Each class is designed for birthing mother and partner
  • Basic overview of what to expect
  • Learn about what kind of decisions you will need to make at the hospital or home birth.
  • Doula preparation
  • Minimize stress levels throughout pregnancy and post-birth 
  • Abundant energy for entire labor and post-birth breastfeeding
  • Clarity on how to manage your body when contractions arise and intensify
  • Tools to naturally induce labor if labor rests or shutdown while in hospital or at home.
  • Partner-based itinerary of tools and practices to support the birthing mother on the birthing day. 
  • Price : R5000 
  • Included is a voucher for all Janani Wellness treatments
  • This program is designed to prepare Birthing Parents on what to expect during pregnancy, labor and new baby life and beyond!


5 Minutes of mind and body peace for your everyday life.
BE calm. BE peaceful. BE free.

WHY register for JANU SERVICES Workshop?

Drawing on the most current scientific research and practices of mindfulness, emotional intelligence and resilience, Janu services delivers a very deep impactful transformational approach to creating development and change on the lives of individuals as well as impacting the culture, innovation of the organizations where they work and lead. My mindfulness journey has taken me from being a burnout international professional program manager to learning how to be present by using tools that start with the simple movement of just focusing on my breadth. This has provided me with a methodology which I use every day in my professional life that is FOCUSED. ENGAGED and SPACIOUS. I have learned how to manage the ‘mindless rushing’ of working in very turbulent and stressful environments and focus on cultivating a mindful approach on what matters to me the most in the moment.
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