Emotional Coaching©

What is Emotional Coaching©

This coaching program is a unique program designed by founder, Anuka Gazara-Anthony. It is designed to help YOU manage stress and your emotions by learning to work with the emotions in your body.

What is Emotional Coaching ©

We will look at emotions that may be causing you overwhelm anxiety or depression. The program draws upon neuroscience, mindfulness and compassion training, unconscious bias and evidence-based resilience theories.

What will you gain from Emotional Coaching ©

The ability to thrive in transparent, difficult and stressful environments whether that be in your home life, professional life or even just within your relationships with your community or teams. The ability to operate with calm and clarity when feeling stressed, burnout or triggered. The program will also help you build skills to increase your capacity for self-awareness , focus and empathy.

Emotional Coaching

Emotional Coaching © – Individual Session

Includes 1 Session

Emotional Coaching © – Bundle Session

Includes 4 Sessions

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