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What is the Birthing and Breathing Program?

Using our birthing and breathing framework to thrive in birth, we provide mindful clarity, fear and stress-management tools as well as comfort measures for any birth in any birthing environment.
Once your balance is restored, you are primed to stretch and thrive, experiencing transformational growth.We also include birthing positions and body stretches to ease your birth. You will grow your awareness, realize the power of managing your body for birth and step into your next level of a deeper connection for yourself and baby with practices you can also use post-birth. Backed by research in Hypnobirthing, mindfulness, neuroscience positive psychology, emotional intelligence and mental fitness this program will support you for a calm and quick labor.

Key outcomes include:
Ability to eliminate overwhelm and stress
Abundant energy for entire labor and post-birth breastfeeding
Clarity on how to manage your body when contractions arise and intensify
Tools to naturally induce labour if labour rests or shutdown while in hospital or at home.
Partner-based itinerary of tools and practices to support the birthing mother on the birthing day.

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