Emotional Coaching Bundle Sessions

The Emotional Coaching is a unique program created by founder, Anuka Gazara-Anthony. It was designed to help you manage your stress and your emotions that may be causing anxiety or depression in your life.

The program was created using information relating to neuroscience, mindfulness and compassion training, unconscious bias and evidence-based resilience theories.
You will benefit from the course and have; the ability to thrive in transparent, difficult and stressful environments whether that be in your home life, professional life or even just within your relationships with your community or teams.

The ability to operate with calm and clarity when feeling stressed, burnout or triggered.

The program will also help you build skills to increase your capacity for self-awareness , focus and empathy. Buy your session now to benefit greatly in your own life.

Emotional Coaching

Emotional Coaching by Anuka

About Anuka

Anuka applies her unique combination of business and mindfulness skills to her work as a mindfulness-based leadership coach. She mentors executives, entrepreneurs and individuals in becoming confident mindful and effective leaders.

For over 10 years Anuka worked in Human Resources, Program Management and Executive Officer roles supporting and advising executives in government and international organizations.

Across these roles she has worked in different countries both in Europe and Africa and these experiences has shown her how strategy, culture and the human connection can influence and impact how leaders can work with their employees with more effective leadership but also have a positive influence on the lives of so many people from their conference tables to their dining tables.

As a long-term practioner of mindfulness and various forms of meditation, Anuka is committed to strengthening the effectiveness of individuals, executive teams, business groups and boards of directors using mindfulness-based leadership and emotional intelligence coaching.

She holds a BA from the University of Queen Mary ( University of London) a Masters degree from the School of Oriental and African Studies (University of London) and a postgraduate Diploma in Organizational Leadership from the University of Oxford.

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