When to pause and reconnect at work 

When we get activated we need to pause. But what does that even mean? We can all get activated in different ways, especially in a communal office workplace. For some it may be tension in the body, for others this quick need to react. 

I often remind myself of this wonderful quote from Viktor Frankl : “In between stimulus and response there is a space…and in that space is our power and our freedom.” Everytime you invite yourself to pause ..you are allowing yourself to connect with your body. You are connecting with whatever you are feeling right in the moment. A pause allows us to accept and rest with everything in life just as it is. Notice if there is some shift towards presence, into the vividness of hearness. Feel whatever you need to feel. There may be some more openness and rest. Ways to manage any pain or frustration. Sense any space in the pause. Breathing, aware you might sense there are others like you that just want to be. 

You may sense a deeper awareness and wisdom of the environment around you. Trust the power of awareness to help you reawaken through all workplace circumstances. Always reminding ourselves we have the capacity to wake up. 

When we pause, change begins to happen. So keep pausing my friend! And notice how the pauses can cultivate resilience and strength, especially during a challenging working day. 


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