Surrendering to Vulnerability 


Often when we are challenged with difficult situations we tend to avoid them. Our spouse or partner seems agitated before we leave for work in the morning, maybe come home a little later or give them some space to “cool down.” Our body is giving us back ache, let’s have another drink and chill with Netflix. 


Of course, there is nothing wrong with these behaviour responses. But neither responses invites us to connect with our vulnerability. A different kind of approach could be what happens when we say “yes” to the sorrow, the isolation, the hurt. When we connect with our vulnerability and start to let go we feel more of the field of loving. Please do not misunderstand, practicing this can be exhausting, tiring and even frustrating thinking our way out of every difficult scenario. 


Yet, when we are vulnerable we allow ourselves to this bigger feeling of loving -presence, if you are a spiritual person you may even say you are connecting with your inner wisdom or conscious presence. So even in a busy business environment, job or working project – know that only you can get yourself out of the stuckness when you sense the vulnerability and the inner wisdom that we all  belong to something larger than ourselves. This kind of surrendering in Buddhism you take refuge that is Dharma. Every religious tradition speaks to this. Christians call it “God’s will.” It is harder when we feel very small when we are consumed by something. And yet even when we feel overwhelmed if we can be vulnerable we can sense that larger feeling of wisdom and openness. Be your way to peace my friends this week ! 


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