During the last couple of months, i often hear my coaching clients ask me in our sessions: “ I just feel overwhelmed and anxious right now, and I don’t really know why because everything at work seems okay and i feel good about my work situation and yet this anxiety seems to be brimming in the background.” 

I believe sometimes, especially those of us reading this in the west, feel conditioned by this need to participate and do it constantly. We are almost conditioned from a young age; the harder we work the more successful we will be. This is, of course, not an entirely wrong perspective. However, these behaviors are not conducive to cultivating balance, self-awareness, or curiosity in our lives. 

Even in my own life, as a meditator and a meditation teacher who meditates for an hour daily – I sometimes find myself misaligned with my being when I am overwhelmed with personal, and family changes. Especially when challenging events affect my recent family – such as a family member being diagnosed with cancer. 

However, we all experience similar collective challenges; health challenges, friends challenges, loss of a relationship, financial challenges. Suddenly they just happen. In these moments, it helps to remember your personal goals right now at this stage in this moment. These challenges are inviting you to challenge yourself – and when you face these challenges without resilience this is when the growth happens and in many cases you allow yourself to cultivate the wisdom to help you find the balance to succeed. You are allowing yourself to participate in life. Human beings need challenges to grow in life to discover what the journey is for you to achieve balance, wisdom and wholeheartedness in your life. My advice for you reader, participate in life but at the same time don’t lose yourself in the doing !


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