A few weeks ago I was getting ready to start my out of office message, as I was attending a friend’s destination wedding. At work ( and i am sure many of you reading this can relate to this) i was frantically trying to get my inbox all cleared and finalizing all my to do’s and reports so i could leave the office feeling like i conquered everything and would not have any panic thoughts about not completing certain items about work while i was on holiday. 

However, we all know when we are so fixated on a certain expectation of how we want to be seen, how we want our work to be heard/felt/appreciated this comes with huge expectations on ourselves and ultimately disappointments within  when things go wrong. I often find when I find myself in these moments of panic;  if I get fixated on my expectations then I lose my thought process. I am almost pressing an inner autopilot button and so I am not conscious of my being. I am not present.

However, the more present we are, the greater the source of inner creativity and intelligence we are tapping into. Most humans when we allow ourselves to just stop for 30 seconds and look outside your office window or look up to the sky, you tap into your aliveness and in that short period before your mind starts to talk to you again you feel this wealth of resilience and energy. So next time you find yourself in autopilot or a reactive state , invite spaciousness into your life, choose to take the time to be present in whatever you are doing and this forces you not to get into that panic mode just and find that state of beautiful presence of intense awareness. 

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