Ajahn Chah is a very well known meditation teacher and monk. He once said : “ If you let go a little you find a little peace, if you let go a lot you will find a lot of peace…if you let go absolutely you will find absolute peace and tranquility.” 

These last few weeks I have been working on a project at my job . I have  often found my team and myself finding ourselves stuck on a project problem. Inevitably for me in the first instances of these moments, my negative conditioning arises. I find myself doubting my suggestions; telling myself what I ever say won’t resolve or respond well to the situation. And then some place in my body remembers, ‘deepen your attention’ and that is when the light will flow through. You will awaken yourself with compassion and wisdom. In silence, in just a few seconds I am saying a prayer to myself. I am surrendering now I am noticing when i am getting lost in a cloud of thoughts. But i am not stguck inside them anymore. I am not believing in the message of the thoughts. Whatever thoughts that may come, if i bring presence to the moment i remember not to judge the situation, and the more difficult it is the more potential for conscious presence and inner wisdom.


So reflect for a moment my friends, this week ask yourself where has there been true growth in your working life right now? And notice what arises for you. Find your own source of surrender so you notice how much you have grown from each difficult situation. 


The inner art of surrender , to open to what’s here is intrinsic to waking up and being a wise leader. 

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