I define being ‘disembodied’ when you feel completely led, overwhelmed and only connected to your thoughts. When you feel completely disconnected from your body. It is during those times, where it is very difficult to feel connected to someone, we feel a huge disconnect with our society and our communities and even more importantly our environment, – our planet. We also feel very fatigued. That is one of the most sigificficant signs of feeling disembodied with your enviornment, purpose, role. 


When our species feel this disembodied experience we cannot access our living reality – our truth and purpose. So how does this experience affect you at work? Well you may feel very intense pain in your body, always lethargic; you may find yourself removing yourself through physical barriers or overworking to avoid any physical or emotional ‘pain’ at work. We start to see challenges/difficulties in the workplace as negative obstacles we cannot overcome.


If you are reading this and relate to some or all of these experiences or just curious to prevent this disembodied experience. The first step is to acknowledge your brain’s default network which is part of our survival brain constantly surveying for threats. Even when there is no noticeable stress in your life, your mind will continue to bring up potential threats through negative thoughts. It is part of our neurobiology. I invite you at this point to connect with your body. Notice the more you notice any sensation, your breath, the sensation of toes in your shoes or on the floor- suddenly takes you away from yourself. Where the focus of your stress does not feel all consuming. Yes we may still find yourselves mildly uncomfortable – but when we truly accept and observe our bodies we start to trust our body, be open and curious to our emotions. Not ignore our emotions but actually embrace them. Scary I know! But so important when it comes to making that shift from being disembodied. We are sometimes in our western societies conditioned to learn to transcend our body when we face difficulty – through actions such as overwork, excessive alcohol, drugs, overeating. But my invitation to you my friend, is allow yourself to be who you are. Even though it feels uncomfortable, give yourself permission and compassionate space to feel the unprocessed in your life ( without shame and judgment !) . And allow the liberation process of conscious presence to begin. 


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