Why is it important to connect with our inner wisdom in the workplace ?

Have you ever encountered an experience where you find it hard to concentrate at work? This usually happens to me when I have had an argument with a family member or feel agitated by something and i can’t seem to shift it at work. This is a good example where the mind is like a room full of clutter. Add the devices we use in our daily schedule and we feel even more ‘mind-full’ . For those who are not aware of managing their emotions or have access to mindfulness this can feel even more challenging. 

So what can we do to manage our emotions so we can focus on what we need to engage with at work. Fortunately, there is good news. I personally have found connecting with spirituality really helps me declutter my mind. For those of you reading this sentence and thinking..what? Spirtualitality? But I am not religious or don’t have a particular faith. Not to worry, I am addressing the kingdom of nature! Once I stop, I physically take myself to the office garden or window where i can focus on a tree or a setting of nature for just a couple of minutes. I instantly feel spacious. I become more conscious of my body and I feel this sign of relief and a shift from the agitation or difficult emotion. I may not resolve it, I embrace it – and the spaciousness helps me create a relief and a softer connection with the difficult emotion to the point where I no longer feel challenged. My emotions no longer have the ability to make my life miserable. So give yourself a couple of minutes and start to really inspect that insect or plant the more difficult the emotion! 


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