I truly believe we cannot heal ourselves and grow unless we start with accepting and being with the difficulties within our own being and elements that contribute to these challenges from our external world 

( all those actions that happen around us.)

When we react with anger towards others in our professional role;  individuals who may have said or did something that created heightened emotion or a “triggering” effect on you. It is important to understand this is a very natural and normal response. In fact, from a neurobiological perspective in these experiences anger is necessary because it energizes our nervous system to respond through protection. However, although anger is necessary neurobiologically – it is not transformative towards our personal growth. 

So when it comes to growing in your professional role, know that this will only be achieved and sustained with ease when you act with a wise heart and act in compassion. This does not mean you don’t react to those moments of stress, – it means bringing your attention directly to what is happening in your body and holding that moment with compassion. Difficult i know! But what you will find with regular practice is this will cultivate an honest, real and true transformation in your professional life.  ( Try practicing by listening to our free recording insert here )


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