Sometimes when I find myself in moments where something really BAD happens at work. Some event, I didn’t expect to happen; or I didn’t expect my reaction,  or my EGO just totally dominates every thought. I lose myself in the moment. 

Although I consider myself a person on her awakening journey into a deeper presence of what is my purpose at work / with my family/community…on this planet ..or even in this moment? There can be events in my work life that sometimes arise for me –  in moments where actions force me back into the former “doing” mode where I revert back to the stressful thoughts which dominate my mindset. At this moment, my first action is to immediately think back to the Zen saying : “hurry slowly.” So externally I want to be very active or reactive. I want to resolve it. And yet when I utilize extreme vigilance by connecting with my body instantly in the moment, I lose my EGO ( identifying with everything negative about the situation and going into shame/blame mode) and instead I just connect with my body. I become so present with my body that I become fearless and only a deep presence within. My heart slows down, I feel my feet on the ground and the stress and thoughts go away and clarity and awareness arises. 

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5 min Breathing Meditatation for Anxiety .m4a

by Anuka Gazara Anthony

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