The last couple of weeks, everytime i turn on the news or listen to the radio and hear about the great suffering our friends are experiencing across the waters in both Ukraine and for the people of the Russia.  I can’t help but feel pain and anger in my body momentarily. 

For many of us, feeling angry about something can be a daily occurrence in our life. So what if this moment of anger or emotional suffering occurs in a place where you don’t feel comfortable being your most authentic self. What then? How do you manage your emotions? In my experience, responding to anger with anger only deepens a greater level of physical and emotional pain in the body. But that does not mean we cannot react at all. What we need to do is respond …but in a way that offers us spaciousness , calm and resolve. All these traits of behavior can be accomplished with awareness and a compassionate mindset. Here are my 3 steps to help you shift from a moment of suffering :


  1. First take a deep breath, allow your belly to expand as you inhale and go into your body. 
  2. Feel the suffering in your body – the moment you place it, where are you feeling it? What are you experiencing? Name the area in silence or out loud and the moment you acknowledge you will feel the intensity of the pain dissolve.
  3. Accept and Acknowledge – notice in this realm of being in this moment, this suffering too will evolve. Only YOU choose if you want to consider living in this constant suffering or if you want to change this moment by accepting with compassion. If you wish to change , tell yourself what you are feeling , but reframe it into what emotions you wish to feel. For example : This is a moment of suffering, May I be happy. The realization of the moment will give you the spaciousness and the resilience to act and respond to this pain of suffering in a way that is aligned with your truth and not what the situation is provoking you to do. 


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