I often find when I talk to employees at a company or leaders in my coaching that when we talk about presence it seems like a really surreal concept at first for many, especially in western societies. Most of the time i hear the comment : ‘ but i am always present, i have to be for work …right ?” 

But embodying presence can actually only be cultivated when we practice it. Because doing our daily actions and activities can sometimes just be a form of unconsciousness for many of us. Just going through the daily routine of ‘behaviors’ can be an autopilot function in our life just doing what we need to do waiting for life to happen.

So how do we undo our biases and start to see our presence. And start to experience an aspect of the secret beauty of all beings. First it takes intentionality, it has to matter to you. If you are not intentional about wanting to practice the ego- the fears, our conditioned brain behavior will stop us from allowing our attention to go inward. 

Second – take 5 minutes. Take out your phone and time yourself. And listen, either you can listen to a recording or just start noticing your own being. How are you regarding yourself? Now…recently? What is your attitude towards tolerance, compassion or acceptance towards your own presence? Does spaciousness exist? Just notice. And if you are able just for a few seconds to tap into that open-heartedness of you without judgment..good news my friend! You have discovered presence and if you can set up a daily practice you will begin to feel yourself having a thought or making a judgment before it happens. And that is the power of presence in my opinion. Discovering that powerful inquiry with yourself that asks you intuitively in presence: “What matters most?” Enjoy the joy of discovering this journey with yourself and connecting with your deep heart aspirations. 

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