Every day at 6am my day starts. A quick coffee before the children wake up. Get breakfast. Get Dressed. Off to school. And then my Zoom calls start at 9am. Before I know it, my home working space becomes one zoom call to the next!


So how can we cultivate a home working space that can be operational and a sanctuary or atleast a healthy environment for our mental state?

Here are some tips that have really helped me cultivate a positive, present and productive working space!

Tools for a happy home working space:

  • Posture Posture Posture! Adjust your chair. Place your screen at eye level. Take regular breaks.
  • A moment to begin – take a few seconds to breathe in and out and connect with your being before any meeting or action.
  • Plants – Plants have the ability to boost oxygen in your office place

Good luck embracing your home office and thriving! 


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