Have you experienced a moment at work where you are sitting ( or standing) at your desk and you open an email and you feel this rush of sensation throughout the body? The message you read for whatever reason makes you feel a sudden fury or maybe even anxiety. Soon after this moment keeps on building throughout the day. Your mind is spiraling as you keep on ruminating about the moment you read the message. Before you know it your day becomes about this triggering work email. 


In my own professional life especially in my early HR career, I remember carrying these experiences home and just feeling completely overwhelmed. So I invite you , if you ever experience triggering moments that cause any type of heightened emotion for you.  Here is my suggested 4 part process to help you shift your mindset in the moment.


  1. First STOP in your position 
  2. Feel the emotions in your body and notice where in your body are you feeling the emotion?
  3. Take 3 Deep belly breaths and be with the emotion present in your body. This allows you to enter presence into your moment when you transcend from doing to being. 
  4. Take a Deep breath ( this time through the nostrils) and offer yourself a compassionate phrase to help you accept and let go of this moment. Not suppress or deny but just radically accept this difficult experience.  E.g This is hard…I tried my best …This too will pass.


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