Today is our last blog for our free empowering series at work for the new year.  Please feel free to look at our blogs any time to access our free tools and recordings. This week we are focusing on negative thoughts. 

Sometimes, when we are caught up in negative thoughts we tend to lose hope. This happened to me recently. I moved to a new city with my family. And I found myself having random daily thoughts  focusing on me feeling lonely and isolated from my friends and family from my old home. In those moments, it was hard for me to feel focused and motivated on my work. Because my primitive survival brain was now only giving me visible projections of thoughts overwhelming me with my negativity bias. 

We learn through neuroscience that it is natural for our brains to tend to revert to our negativity bias. During our ancestral times, this negativity bias kept our ancestors vigilant and attentive so they could survive against threats in their environment. So from an evolutionary perspective; when the demon thoughts arise, our conditioning is to avoid, fight and defend. Pema Chodron, a very famous spiritual and Buddhist teacher in the US says: “ When the resistance is gone the demons are gone.” I found myself being with that quote in silence very often the last couple of weeks. 

When we sense a moment of negativity, instead of running away my invitation to you is to stay with it. This to me is the ability to cultivate courage. To go ahead check-in with your heart and ask yourself a wonderful question I learned from the great spiritual teacher Tara Brach “…what does it mean to be courageous in this moment?” If you ask yourself this question in the moment at work, where you feel so anxious or overwhelmed by negativity it instantly creates a spaciousness of energy and peace. We are so used to having our defenses, always doing but what if you surrender the moment to the being? In my experience, when I face my negativity I accept the limitations and pain of my current situation and as soon as I do that I am filled with stillness and peace. Give it a try, trust you are enough and you can do whatever it is you need to do – but you need to admit your vulnerability first to promote healing and resilience to move forward! Listen to our free recording Navigating a difficult moment to help you with your next self-judgment thought at work! 

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