We are continuing our empowerment series for January 2022 , and this week we are focusing on getting in touch with our true authentic essence of self. We live in a world where most of us are educated in systems which mainly focus on standardized intelligence (IQ), which is fine as there is a place and necessary need for these skills. But what about emotional intelligence (EQ)?  What about knowledge about yourself? Sometimes, it is necessary for us to shift our awareness from conceptual knowledge to knowing your authentic self. How does this contribute to being successful at work ?

When we start to bring our awareness inwards, we take away our attention from our thinking space and thoughts and shift to a place of only focus on the being-self – on being still in spaciousness. This gives us the ability to be conscious of our emotions, our thinking without feeling overwhelmed. In these moments, you create an awareness to connect with your purposeful life. You move from what you perceive your life to be and connect with your true essence. This allows you to discover what really makes you motivated? What brings you joy ?


Some leadership experts argue, to be a successful leader you need to embody leadership traits such as; empathy, be a great networker and demonstrate excellent focused listening skills. To be able to authentically embody those skills you need to be aware of your being-self so these skills don’t seem inseparable from who you really are. Otherwise people will see a disingenuous professional facade. When you are connected to your inner-self you are allowing yourself to cultivate a connection with the intelligence inside your body. And this awareness is power. It may enable you to connect with your projects with increased inspiration and ease, your relationships become more rewarding, you start to develop a deeper clarity in your work and your creativity increases. In other words instead of losing yourself in your thinking you actually think more clearly!

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