This week we are continuing our empowerment series for january 2022 by getting in touch with ourselves, our aspirations and inner growth.  We will begin with thinking about moments where we felt like we were failing ourselves or others. Maybe it was during a work project, a disagreement in a relationship, a moment where you felt hesitant to show your authentic self. 

By connecting with our heart, this is a first step of connecting with the true emotion we are feeling about past or future events. Listening to the sensation of the heart is sometimes the first step, the first moment where you are connecting with the current state of your heart. Why is this important? Because emotions are our mind’s reaction to our body. So if we can connect to the sensations in our heart and body – we are listening to the real authentic feelings of our being. We are deepening our attention to anything our body and heart wants to tell us. It allows us the spaciousness for our body to tell us how it is experiencing life around us. 

David Allen wrote the book , Getting Things Done he talks about how “…it doesn’t take time to have a breakthrough idea. What it takes is space.” In the same way for us to heal and motivate ourselves to move forward after a difficult / challenging experience both professionally and personally we need to allow ourselves the spaciousness to connect with our heart, to connect with our awakening authentic self so we find the innate courage and clarity to move forward. 


Ready to try something new?

Try this exercise to connect with your heart when you are impacted by a challenging moment and looking to work through it. Close your eyes, take 3 deep , slow breaths. When you are ready, open your eyes and allow yourself to consciously answer the following journal prompts. 

  • What did you discover about the state of your heart
  • What is your aspiration for your career right now?
  • What did you learn about yourself by listening to your heart. 

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