Is a mindful change worth your time?

Is a mindful change worth your time?


This month we are focusing on investigating how you can create balance in your work life and offer yourself calm and resilience in every moment of stress and challenge. We will look at how we can reduce stress and change your mindset through developing your awareness through several mindfulness-based practices and tools. 


One of the severe impacts of stress on our bodies is the lack of sleep. As we become more connected to our devices, this need to always be available, this belief that you are only valuable at work if you can be reachable at all hours; this can lead to a feeling of overwhelm and exhaustion. So how do we rewire our mindset so we can create boundaries so we have space for our family members or whatever is important for us and still feel valuable and present with work.  In addition to this if you are a professional who is also a parent, career or have other responsibilities that involve other individuals we tend to empty our energy levels and overtime we will lose the ability to take care of others because we experience burnout and this leads to us losing the ability to manage our bodies. For me, the reason why I developed my career into secular mindfulness programs for the workplace is because I started to experience physical burnout in my HR job that overtime led to emotional burnout which meant I could not even find the will or energy to get out of bed! 


So maybe at the start of 2022, you are thinking this week what is my purpose or intention for 2022? Mindfulness offers you the spaciousness to think about who you want to be at work?

This week we are offering you a free body-scan practice to help you discover what are your intentions in your work role for 2022?

Developing this inner-presence will help you improve your ability to make healthier choices and start a new year of work filled with more optimism and developing greater resilience.



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