New Years Eve

Taking Time to appreciate the self in 2022


As we face the beginning of 2022 many of us may be feeling even more fatigued, emotional and confused after the holiday season. The time may be right on the eve of 2022 to take a moment and slow down. Let’s see what we can do to slow things down. How can we stop the epidemic of burnout that is sweeping the globe? The pressures have never been greater. 

Most of us recognize the potential inner exploration holds. Some of us may recognize, ( I do especially when I am facing challenges)  that we tend as human beings to create the divisions, the emotional agitation, the frustrations when truly in the moment when we are facing the pain right at the face – in that real moment of presence there are none. You are in that moment the power moment of just being.


Becoming Fully Human in 2022


I believe the purpose of the human experience is to grow and connect with the energy of spirit around us ( whatever spirituality means to you .) For some of us the art of meditation or being still; or maybe listening to the thoughts or our inner-voice without reacting. Just listening with presence and stillness. This action is listening to the will of your life. This may be the moment to identify your pain with awareness and not reaction. You are now giving yourself the ability to nurture and heal in the middle of your pain without creating more emotional suffering for yourself! If you are at a place where you want to discover your own freedom and finally give yourself tohe ability to heal and thrive in 2022 then you need to allow yourself to be still and finally cultivate the spaciousness to heal. 


How to create the Wisdom factor in 2022


You are a sophisticated being, we all are! But sometimes we get fixated on our ideas for getting ahead in life and about creating more success and wealth instead of focusing on our ideas of being with ourselves and the nature around us. To be truly progressive and not feel lost;  it is recognizing it is time to be still and connect with our heart. Now is the time you point to the new moon, the new times of 2022 with a deeper inner-awareness which can only happen when we contemplate with compassion. You have everything you need to live a prosperous life on our planet…but if you want to start this journey here is one path. Start with releasing your emotional suffering – with compassion. Enjoy this free recording to start with 2022 with no waiting for anyone to empower you but for you to start thriving and healing with your own will and being. 

Click here for our free meditation on compassion :


Be curious! Look carefully at what has triggered you. Play with different approaches to quiet your internal storm – pause, explore, touch, ground, breathe, reframe. As you practice letting curiosity guide you, notice the release of old patterns and new ways of being emerge. 


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