Reclaiming inner -peace during the Holiday Season: Part 4 Accepting and Being present now! 


In Part 3 of our blog on Acceptance and Awakening , we looked at how changing our state of consciousness by discovering who we are by giving ourselves the time to be still and connect with our deeper awareness. 


In my experience being still allows me to be conscious without thinking. I am tapping into my inner essence of who I really am. Realizing that there is nothing anyone that anyone can do to me, despite the challenges and difficulties in my life, that inner grace will always remain untouched.

I have found it by connecting with nature, by walking near many trees or walking near water, maybe a beach or a lake…the stillness is what I sense.  It is the sacredness of the energy within me. During the holidays, I would think that stillness may be one state of being that you may crave after a couple of busy days and weeks ahead . But I would invite you to start even before the dread of the events ahead of you in your schedule. To minimize the pain or distress of the thoughts coming to your mind about all the things you have to do over the holidays then taking the time to talk to yourself about your goodness can sometimes override that negativity bias or ego which is talking to you about the illusion of you compared to your real, happy self which you can only access in the present moment.  


What’s next ?

Not being defined by anything. 

So stop reading right now. And for 3 minutes , think of who you are without thinking – just feeling your being in your inner awareness. Put your timer on – and ask yourself who am i and just listen…not thinking but tapping into your conscious presence…… listen in your body and you will realize your thoughts may seem to disappear because you are in the deepest light of your consciousness.. You may experience peace, and if you feel yourself resisting then let go and just be, you may even want to sleep. Allow yourself to discover your true nature and enjoy! If you prefer listening to a meditation to try this exercise enjoy this 5 minutes of peace :


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