Reclaiming inner -peace during the Holiday Season: Part 3 Allowing and Accepting 


In Part 2 of our blog on Acceptance and Awakening , we looked at how being in acceptance helps us connect with more spaciousness by listening within for your own deeper insight. We offered you an acceptance mindfulness meditation to practice this experience to give yourself the opportunity to awaken in the now.


Some of you may read this blog and think why is acceptance important to my life right now? I get things done, I work, I look after my family or friends – why does acceptance matter? My answer to these questions comes from the teachings from one of my favorite spiritual philosophers, Eckhart Tolle; who says that bringing awareness into your life helps you totally identify with the present. This leads to an inner spaciousness in your life where you don’t feel cluttered by conditioned thought processes. In my interpretation of this teaching, being aware of what my mind is saying and realizing not all my thoughts are entirely from my being. And so realizing my different thought processes makes me a better leader, colleague and teacher. Why ? Because acceptance has led me to a deeper awareness where knowing the oneness of myself, or knowing myself wholeheartedly without distracting forces or other judgements. I understand what is real and true for me and what is arising because of my conditioning from my education, society or upbringing. So in my journey of acceptance I am now not  led by my environment, by discussions , by triggers – I am myself , alone, silent without any judgement or ego. I live without guilt or shame. 

This week to help you connect with yourself, and discover the difference between your thoughts and being  present. I invite you to time yourself for 5 minutes and try the following journaling prompts:

  • What would serve my purpose right now?
  • What does it feel like for you when you are triggered?
  • What happened to you when you felt the experience go away? 

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