In Part 1 of our blog on Acceptance and Awakening , we looked at how being in acceptance helps us build more prosocial capacity, deepens our bonds and increases our overall well-being. 

In my experience, cultivating gratitude during my meditations helps me open up my capacity to appreciate what is happening around me and be present. And this week I would like to offer you a mindfulness awakening meditation and I hope you enjoy the recording especially if you find yourself feeling constant heightened emotion and amongst the to-do list of all the things you have to do finding ‘real joy’ for yourself seems the most difficult thing to do right now. 

Being with the hard-knocks and the hard truths can sometimes prevent us from appreciating the daily pleasures around us. The smile of a stranger, the gleam in a child’s eyes – if we can bring our mindful awakening to a place of calm and awareness we start to deepen our appreciation. Feeling alive and connected with ourselves and all that is happening around us. 

Enjoy listening to this week’s practice and if you can i invite you to practice this in a space that brings joy and silence to your day.

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