Reclaiming inner -peace during the Holiday Season: Part 1 Acceptance and Awakening 


We find ourselves entering the holiday season this week, and for some of us we may look at the weeks ahead with trepidation and anticipatory stress. We may find our nervous systems start to fill a dis ease with all the questions; expectations, family events or for some with no family to go too over the holidays – picturing some lonely days ahead. 

So if you are feeling moments of overwhelm or moments of pain as you think about the holidays – know that this is normal. For many of us trying to finish the working/business year on a high may also feel like you are also tired and burnout . This may be because as a society during the holidays we are so far away from the gratitude, warmth and moral values of our communities. Instead focusing on cyber discounts or creating the perfect holiday household.   So over the next 4 weeks I am going to introduce you to some acceptance and awakening techniques to help guide you. To help you manage the emotional ebbs and flows you may be experiencing during the next couple of weeks. This week I am going to focus on our common need to ‘ get things done’ . How do we move through the next thing, action, approval from our colleague/boss/friend/family without feeling constantly burnout or needing to do something. 


When we are participating with an awakened heart and mind we are participating with ease because we are connecting with the nature around us. Not just nature in the environmental sense, but the authentic being of light and natural energy around us. Cultivating a deep habit of acceptance – being with the way things are – helps us manage those thoughts that we may feel during the holiday season where we keep on focusing on what we don’t have. This prevents us from connecting with gratitude. So how can we relax our nervous system and activate more warm, pro-social behaviour, during the holidays? 

Being awake and open is an essential part of living, when we consciously cultivate openness and awakening into ourselves with a grateful mindset this automatically improves the immune system and our overall well being. So, we have a reward circulatory that evolution has built into us…and research shows this can be increased and activated through journaling. So please enjoy our  Part 1 | Awakening Practices for this week….  

Journal these 3 prompts for 6 minutes :

  • What 3 things are you grateful for and why?
  • I’m glad I am not a …..
  • Who do I appreciate and why?


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