Understanding your Ego can change the way you live your life!

The core of the ego can become a significant challenge when it comes to how we behave towards ourselves and others. Periodically to many people an addiction to the negativity a strong ego sometimes brings arises. It may sometimes look to outsiders when we are fixated with our ego, that we are possessed with our minds. However, when you recognize when your ego arises you are no longer at the mercy of it. The negativity of the ego has to go to some place and for most of us it is inside us. We can be negative towards other people, feel sick, binge eat or cause pain in our intimate relationships. Building an awareness of who you are – you may come to a stage where you experience a shift between the function you used to fill and who you are now. So if you are feeling confused right now…great! The moment you start not to define yourself – then you are starting to distance yourself from your ego. The ego was necessary initially for our survival but now we are transforming into an age of consciousness where we are now seeing the impact our actions have on our natural world…we are starting to see our oneness with the world around us. It is a journey, a movement into your sense of self. But the benefits of this journey ….you will not feel controlled or lost with your thoughts…you will not feel not worthy and unhappy with the emotional vibrations of the ego. If you are curious to tap into your ego and see how your ego reacts with other people check out our self-awareness journaling exercises @janujoyful. Once you start this journey, you will find yourself desensitizing yourself from your external environment. Feel less likely to label your experiences and emotions. Enjoy this liberated shift in your consciousness.