How to process unprocessed fear?

I am currently  battling the limitations of covid on travel. I have a very sick family member on the other side of the world and I am struggling to get to him from the country I am currently located in which is on the opposite side of the world. So I find myself facing fear and loss directly. I find myself blaming myself instinctively but thankfully to my own work and 20 years of mindfulness training I am also aware in my states of equanimity; where I realize my trauma is part of our collective traumatized world. Where, individually we may have all experienced some versions of this buffer based on socio-economic factors, jobs, health care etc. At the same time realizing how fear can be contagious and it keeps on increasing. Understanding how our nervous system is constantly proceeding with this unprocessed fear which may lead to rage, alcoholism, depression, anxiety. I am naming all of this because I can imagine others also sensing this certainty we often took for granted in our societies  now feeling broken. This experience which so many of us are encountering is so pivotal in how we proceed with this shift. How do we access a liberating mind…a shift from the deepest moments of pain or suffering we are feeling into equanimity , acceptance, peace and shifting in action. In my experience, given this groundlessness that we are all feeling in different ways all comes down to how you decide to live each day and more importantly how do you bring your awakening heart to this moment. With commitment, this deep insight will change your life….i know it is changing mine. 


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