How does compassionate awakening help us build resilience?

When we allow ourselves to take up some space, we are actually allowing ourselves to just ‘be’. To be present with the moment without judgement, we give ourselves permission to just allow the space to consume us. Why is that necessary to our back-to-back , busy lives…because being present allows you to connect with your inner-truth. When we take that space to be present with the emotions, thoughts and feelings present in our body and mind we can start to take ourselves at face value and that allows us to connect with our self-awareness. For me, cultivating my self-awareness has really helped me build my self confidence. It has given me the key to unlock my self-confidence and start to believe in who I am. When I can operate in those belief systems and values that define me this is transformational to my work, to my relationships to my ability to perform. But the next golden step when you are pursuing self-confidence is offering yourself compassion at the same time! You will struggle to build your confidence, unless you offer yourself compassion at the same time. 


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