We are a few weeks away from the US elections, we are facing covid-19  numbers rising in huge numbers across the US and the world and so it is very easy for us to feel depressed about how we feel about the world and our current environment. And so some of us may feeling that ‘sinking’ experience right now.

It is important to consider that when we feel like we are ‘sinking’ that this feeling arises with awareness. In other words, we know when we are depressed. But when we get entangled in that experience we then feel like we are “sinking.” It changes how we interpret our world.

So when we try meditation, the training is to arise with awareness. Healthy vibrant body, get outside is important but meditation can be incredibly effective in addition to other resources to find a presence of balance where we can allow all these aspects that cause us pain and suffering to arise around us and not feel directly overwhelmed or anxious by theses experiences. Meditation helps us touch into a natural warmth of mind, which is inherent. But we need to try meditation to connect with these inherent qualities. It is  almost like this feeling where we feel we are coming back home. This is the magic of our humanity. To the degree where we become intimately connected to the degree of being happy is completely liberating. With this insight we actually walk into a world of people we intuitively know, understand and care about. If this is a journey you are curious about, especially as we face an environment of great uncertainty please join us in this experience.

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