When we do meditation with an attitude of generosity and openness what we can create is a holding environment that hosts all of our experiences. This environment does not need to be judged, we don’t need to create or ‘be” but instead with the ability to just sit we are starting our journey in self-awareness.

We begin to develop a intimidate experience with our mind when we experience meditation. Internally we know who we are – but the problem is we become disconnected with that when we are living such busy lives.  When we meditate  what we find is a natural quality of spaciousness and warmth. The spaciousness quality is the open, free, relaxed quality of mind. But, then how do we tend to focus on in our lives?  We tend to hold on to the things we like and push away the things we don’t like. We become fixated on something, and in that fixation we lose connection with ourselves and the natural fluidity of our minds. In the Buddhist tradition we call this “Ego.” But Ego is not a thing, it is a verb in the Buddhist perspective. It is just an activity that is an unnecessary holding. Through meditation we develop a natural openness, and in that spaciousness all good things happen. During the early Covid times the small things ( not being able to leave my house) became a big thing for me. I was making a mountain out of a mole hill. But when I increased my opportunities in the day for mindful walking or mindful meditation I was then able to stop. Pause. Turn to these agitations with curiosity and openness. The effect? I loosened my tension, I felt relief in my back and shoulders and my capacity to hold all these changes and still be focused with my work and responsibilities grew. I also grew a natural warmth with who I really am? When I meditate I am reminded of my goodness, because when we meditate we are accessing our natural qualities and our authentic connected warmth.

So to meditate is to collaborate with ourselves AND with our world. Are you curious in starting a journey in self-awareness, managing your stress and anxiety at work and in your personal life? Join us for a SIY Program starting in January 2021. Find out more information with this link: https://www.inseus.com/classes-events/search-inside-yourself-jan2021