Making friends with one-self is a difficult process. Many a many times during my life especially during my training and education to start my career  to be a life coach and an emotional intelligence training facilitator  I had to learn to hold my own difficult experiences and joyful experiences in my heart at the same time. To give myself the whole diverse range of human experience and realize that I can hold sweet sensations all the time, things may not always be sour either. Years and years later ( and especially during the global pandemic) I may wake up for my morning meditation feeling jolly and by the time I get to lunch time after work and managing a virtual school classroom routine for my 7 year old I might find myself a bit frustrated or in a state of angst with the thought of having to get all my work done.

So getting through the zillion thoughts a day becomes so much more manageable with my capacity to observe myself notice a heightened feeling, I take a couple of deep breaths  – (in stealth most often ) and bring myself to the present moment and realize that I just got carried away  a minute ago.

So realizing that this experience may be happening many times ..that is a dawning of the experiential sense of our common sameness in experience as human beings begins to happen.

I find that when you get to a place where you are willing to get to a place which makes you feel uncomfortable but you are willing to be in that place to help a person ( or yourself)  with warmth and curiosity where you are going through that shift from learning to accepting, – that is when you start to experience that moment of profound healing and ability to move forward. Trusting your body and then you can manage the head.

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