The journey to manage difficult emotions can be very challenging where it might even heighten our anxiety. So how can you manage this challenging times? One of the ways I find very helpful for my own moments of challenge is working with my heart.

Usually difficult times can bring out the worst or the best in people. And when I bring my self-awareness to my heart – this experience brings out the best in me. IT helps me to create environments that has the capacity to bring out the best in my most difficult situations. Instead of putting up walls or barriers, I use the experience to uncover to my innate strength and fearlessness. All these qualities of confidence, these moment of difficulty can bring out these moments. So what I recommend is start simple.

Ask yourself: “ IS what I am doing bringing out the best in myself…is my behavior aligned with my true values and purpose?” These times can cultivate opportunities to cultivate this journey with ourselves. We are beginning to sow seeds of harmony for ourselves and our environments. For me working out how your future may work out all depends on what you do in the here and now with patience and grounding.

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