If we go through a situation of any kind without prejudice or biases this can be a very difficult thing. To be that open minded where you have no biases or prejudice is something that may be more likely to happen to a monk than yourself! So how can we manage this complexity of the environments we live and work in?

It really helps to not want to “get rid” or “suppress” what you are feeling. The truth is for me, that’s how things that are stuck become unstuck when I am present with the difficulties I face but doing that with a kind, warmth a self-compassion perspective. This is how our habits, our fears or how helpless we feel at times can shift and change when we cultivate this mindset of warmth or developing a very deep friendship within yourself.

Making friends with yourself – can open your experience to who you really are. Whether you smoke too much, eat too much, don’t sleep enough ,: if you are conscious of what you are doing with this tender attitude or warmth that is where the collaboration starts. And part of this is allowing what happens to happens, but the self-awareness journey comes in because you do this with consciousness. This could start with mindfulness meditation or any other practices that help you see for yourself what you are doing to yourself. That is when the enormous power of change begins.

So don’t be afraid to open up and be seen in all your own complexity and humanity with kindness and self-compassion. Research shows that vulnerability is one of the hardest emotions for leaders to show, fearing that it will make them appear weak. In fact, the opposite happens. Showing your full self makes you appear more human, likable, easier to connect with, and a stronger leader.

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