Being able to enjoy, rejoice and appreciate the preciousness of life when you are feeling overwhelmed or anxious can be pretty hard.  How can you lean into these feelings without finding this is a challenge in order to cultivate some clarity and space?

Sometimes I find when I face a particularly trying day I need to spend some time with just ‘being’ with it, cultivating some space around it. The way to lean in involves for me, allowing a lot of space. But not to exaggerate it. Over the years I have become more aware of my story lines – the conversations, stories we tell ourselves. It can make a painful situation much worse. The : “ something wrong with me, am I doing this not well enough” feeling. These stories that we tell ourselves, a way to lean in I have found meditation a successful way in helping me let them go. Coming back to my body and with enormous capacity to just ‘allow’. Knowing that this human ability is perfectly, normal and natural because it’s part of caring, part of wanting to support and be more. So it is through my practice and by using kindness towards myself…saying to myself: “ This is what I am feeling.” Can be so powerful in helping me accepting and reframing my mindset. Times like this are where we grow.

In these times of global pandemics, racial injustice such a heartfelt longing of people all over the world deeply wanting more justice, clarity. These times are just so important if you find yourself calling for spiritual growth or emotional growth. Craving the moments of in-person connection that were once the norm. While remote connections keep the gears of day-to-day life spinning, many feel the wheels have come off, or are about to at any moment. We didn’t fully comprehend the fundamental importance of regular human connection until it was no longer an option. So try to start with allowing yourself to welcome the unwelcome to start your growth on your new path of wisdom.

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