We are all balancing this idea of emergence and emergency. In this complex world, we may feel that we need to choose between our well-being, caring for others and delivering performance as people of influence and as leaders. Compassionate leadership allows us to demonstrate resilience in all aspects of our personal and professional life.

Compassionate leadership enables us to connect to each other on a deeper level, we bond with the human need to be social. This type of relationship creates deeper meaning and generates greater impact for themselves and their teams.

When we look at leadership studies that study how compassion impacts leadership skills we see that not only does compassion only enhance operational performance, but it also strengthens perceptions of leadership skills for those who lead with compassion.

For me personally, even though we have been asked to keep out difference, I have used compassion to make deeper connection and support with my local community. Not only has this reminded me the importance to understand that we all deserve to be valued, seen and heard, but more importantly, we are all wired with the same deep desire to belong. I have seen how our own individual behavior can make a difference, and compassion has allowed me to build and transform my relationship within myself and my community. So, if you want to create a life with compassionate value, start reconnecting with yourself and your community it all starts with a small unique act and pay it forward.

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