In the beginning of covid-19 I found myself feeling fear on a daily basis. And then a started to catastrophize my life around me falling apart, my loved ones being sick and everything being in a state of doom and gloom. I truly believe anything that causes us pain and suffering has to be taken seriously. And as I started turning towards it, engaging with it… to understand ‘ what the hell is this fear?’ because you may find it limiting your life in some way can actually acclimatize yourself to these feelings. Then you can discover how does it manifest. For me, I was asking myself with a light perspective where is this fear developing….is it feelings…or thoughts….maybe sensations in the body. When I started to take this perspective, when we start to view it will deeper awareness , the thinking and the emotion slowly disappear and in a slow very calm way you develop a sense of acceptance and awareness of just calmness and being with the fear at the same time. I found moment after moment of liberation. For me, this is a moment of spaciousness with equanimity  and when you feel that one moment the process of fear starts to change. And that is when my journey moving out of my state of fear regarding the pandemic started. And this process has created a huge shift in my being and my interactions with my family, loved ones and clients.

So if you are willing to be curious, open yourself up to the journey of being playful with your fear. To accept what is, without judgment, is the key to dislodging the discomfort of chaos and change.
 There is no stopping it! Taking charge of our internal universe is the only way out of the whirl. Explore your inner space. Don’t be shy about visiting the boundless territory within. Set a simple intention to open your awareness, and you will encounter the peace that pervades our deepest being.

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