We are in an interesting place to explore our own consciousness, but it all starts within ourselves. When we drop into awareness it emphasizes the capacity we are born with.  It provokes us to ask the question: What is my awareness? It transcends the material, and it all stems from our consciousness according to Buddhist philosophy. Ultimately some scientists argue it stems from our neurons. So if you find yourself in that place of asking yourself – what is this all about.? Where you may find yourself  trying to make sense of your purpose , – what goes on when you get out of your own way when you are facing the ever changing environment around you.  Just like I have been doing and thinking, especially since early march when the pandemic began. I have found a good place to start is turning my attention to my body and tuning into my behavior when connecting with others. This has been for me, moving in the direction of a greater wellbeing. Especially with how joyful and positive I feel when I connect with other human beings. I find that nature offers many examples of the positive benefits of human cooperation and relationships. We are were taught from our early years  that survival of the fittest wins. In fact, we evolved to support one another and work together.

Survival of the connected is our reality. 

At this time so of us may be struggling and full of fear, it is so challenging sometimes to be able to trust, love, and feel safe with others. Yet, I find myself calmer, happier and more able to be equanimity with everything happening around me that I can’t control; when I take the time to courageously move beyond the fear by going deeper. You will find I hope the start of a unique journey of something beginning that is really deep embodiment of connection and kindness that feeds us from the inside out, and know that you will savor the nectar of your humanity.

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