If you are feeling all of the fear of what you are facing right now and battling with the uncertain. Be aware that the mind will always chose the narratives of reflecting back on this powerless moment because of the not knowing factor. It is a type of survival cognitive function the brain utilizes  to make you feel that nothing is really changing to keep you anchored and still so you can keep on going for survival. There is a certain type of healing in being with that. You may find your mind being able to naturally coming back to integrate itself with the present, to be with the feelings and manage the difficult circumstances.  But what does this do for our minds?

It can start to hold the many dimensions of loss and sadness. It starts with your ability to articulate the universe that you are living in at the moment. Your bravery to end something that many feel unfulfilling, toxic or incomplete to your purpose in life. We are witnessing with this pandemic so many barriers and inequalities in our cities, nations and our world. My feelings of powerless come with being a woman. This is a moment of awakening; we are noticing the long standing abuse of women in leadership, seeing very clearly for some that women have never had a level playing feel in senior executive positions across the industries. We need to address this long standing disregard of women in leadership.  I find myself feeling these moments of deep embracing of the pain of inequality for women  in careers on every level of role or management position.  For women and also for women of color-  maybe because I am a woman of color.

I feel that these discussions, these reflections require us to metabolize these streams of consciousness on these issues, to acknowledge the suffering that women have been going through for centuries. So is it time for all of us women to stand up globally and follow our north star to finally make a stance and  create our own integral role for us in the workplace.  This is what I believe is needed today in terms of modernizing our workplaces. So when you find yourself on those days where you feel beaten and powerless, maybe ask yourself is what you are feeling…. Those feelings of powerless, despair, lack of confidence in your own capacity, I don’t have what it takes all the narratives in there. Stop. Watch out for those narratives, they are just narratives. Take another breadth and  start investigating the awareness of that mind state  and ask yourself is that absolutely true?  Is this insight really holding your intelligence, your insight , your beauty?  So be aware of those moments when you feel powerless- this is where the mindfulness practice can be absolutely essential. Not necessarily thinking of an outcome, but noticing moment by moment what can I do to cultivate this positive change? How can I face the uncertainty with  connection and insight. Recognizing that we are already whole, we are more than complete and ready and open for gender changes in leadership whatever that journey may bring. And every day ultimately for me, I am holding what’s unfolding in awareness and trusting that experience will bring transformation for women of all races, backgrounds and culture for all of us all over our planet. 

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