Some of us may notice, friends and family or colleagues who just seem to be one of those kinds of people who bounce back so fast. They are able to saddle up so quickly and move forward so fast that they almost seem to possess a secret formula.  So you may find yourself asking what magic creates the alchemy of resilience?

Well some may say it starts with our wellbeing. The good news is that wellbeing can be learned.  All we need to do as a first step, is to start taking our wellbeing seriously and actually research shows that when we do  take our wellbeing seriously we can actually build and nurture our inner awareness and promoting resilience.  We start to bring resilience to the heart buy starting with awareness. We start to educate ourselves from within. When we are embodied, we don’t need to talk about emotions or cognition or the effect we hope to have on somebody else. We love to do that as humans, talk about the heart , but if we are talking about it and not actually embodying the experience it can seem mechanical and contrived. Sometimes we tend to sensor ourselves in a certain way. So if we are willing to evolve and use our awareness and connect with each other  with qualities that nurture ourselves and each other – we are finding that moment to catch our breath. 

So if you are feeling stuck…you want to accept and get back on that theoretical horse. Maybe start with listening with your whole being. Listen for truth. See what is real. What is now. And accept. Touch your inner knowing, perhaps without knowing how you know. You unlock strength, steadiness, courage, capacity, and compassion. All that you need is within – for yourself, for those you love, for those you lead, and for this world.

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