We are now in a new normal, but how will our workplaces emerge from this volatility and uncertainty? Resilience for organizations is just as important as developing personal resilience. How do we bounce back?

So let’s start with a definition for resilience.  According to the Oxford Dictionary resilience is defined as “ the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness.” But what can we do to cultivate that resilience.

For me, it has always been to tune – inside. To start with my body from the head to the toes. Full body scan. Notice what is happening when you are experiencing a difficult situation, or for me a person of color, a racist induced moment. By starting with my body I am giving myself spaciousness,  a moment of impartiality where I can become aware of the wisdom of my reaction from the physiology of my body. This helps me proceed with what to do next. But not just in terms of actions, in terms of being. To be able to read myself, to resolve the moment with emotional intelligence and then to react – in a way that is aligned with my values and intentions. 

How to lead from within?

Resilience can also be cultivated through compassion. Like all compassionate leadership principles, building organizational resilience starts from the inside out. Make sure you are building your personal resilience so that you can model and effectively lead your team and organization through these unprecedented times.

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