For many of us the moments we find ourselves in now 13, 14 weeks into the pandemic, this time you may be finding  yourself even more confused than when we started in March. The levels of suffering and humanity have changed so dramatically over the last couple of months. I have been educated so much over the last couple of weeks in life, injustice and the impact of violence in our societies. 

Just last week, I was hopeful, determined, and agreeing with Trevor Noah, observing the many anti-racism changes happening throughout the country. He said, “To have gotten so far in just 2 weeks of protests is an inspiration within itself.” And of course, there is so much more work ahead. 
Then I heard the news of Rayshard Brooks, and I feel my heart sink back into a heavy place, praying that this will not be a dance of two steps forward, one step backward.
And so I return to my daily mindfulness practice. It is teaching me a lot about how to stay present with everything around me. For me it has given me a profound source of healing, awakening and being present with myself. 

To lead effectively, and with mindfulness, we are also giving ourselves to work compassionately, we move from the deep insight within to our outer selves . We tune into our moral compass and inner guidance. We listen deeply for the truth we have missed or failed to acknowledge. We learn. We heal ourselves first, so that we lead with alignment and complete integrity, from the heart, with love. The laboratory of mindfulness is this deep self-inquiry. 

We don’t need outer prison building to imprison ourselves. Our MINDS are very happy to lock ourselves up in the habits of thought that remain unexamined.  Sometimes I find myself thinking about a quote from Dr. Srikumar Rao; he pointed out that everything that is illegal today, was once legal! It was through the dedicated effort of what Margaret Mead called the “thoughtful and committed citizens of the world” that made positive change. So if that appeals to you, if you are willing to wake up in this time of awakening this could be a part of this beautiful mindfulness renaissance that is an open invitation to all of us right now. These are all factors of the curriculum of life that we all need to process and reflect on as we try to change the injustices in our world. 

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