I remember on one of my meditation retreats several years ago. I arrived with a heavy workload in my mindset. I felt exhausted physically but mentally i had been carrying around many months of late nights and overtime and I found it so difficult at times to keep my mind still. I found myself saying in many meditation sits, “I’m a terrible meditator. This is impossible. I should have done this retreat at another time when things were calmer at work.”

I explained my experience to the retreat teacher and he told me “ What you are practicing are emotions that profoundly affect you in your daily life. “ He then said, the more practice, the more patient and kind your experience will become and you will become stronger.” These teaching have echoed with me ever since that experience. The deep inner insight he was referring to is now well documented by the science of neuroplasticity, which shows that when we repeat our experiences this shapes our brain. 

So why is this important to us and what effect can it have on our workplaces?

Well, the research shows that mindfulness can cultivate human connection. It can help us see our interconnectedness. We start to realize that we are all human beings, underneath our job titles and responsibilities. And this space that we give ourselves allows us practice mindfulness, the more you begin to see that we’re all part of the same body—that I as the right hand actually feel you, the left hand’s pain, and I naturally want to help. Mindfulness cultivates this interconnectedness and clear seeing, which leads to greater compassion and understanding of the mysterious web in which we all are woven. It is these experiences and deep inner insights that gives us a true sense of knowing who you are and overtime these instincts help shape your focus and perform with greater success at work.  There is a great complexity to mindfulness and it is not the silver bullet cure to all our problems at work; but it is a great first step in opening your heart and mind and connecting you with your values and motivations in your work place. 

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