This is the beauty of the practice of mindfulness. We can work with what arises. The moment we get caught in ‘othering’ or fear. If you find yourself in those moments of ‘ I should do this or be this ‘ that is where the awareness from mindfulness practice projects a liberation. It is so easy to project on to yourself comparison, I should be like him or her, or the hero of the moment. 

What would it be like to just have an enlightening moment? The more you can be available, the more those illuminating, enlightening moments  that are already there start to be open and attainable to you. And that is healing, that is the drive that gets us to be open hearted, to feel this a wakefulness. We have seen in so many examples in our current world what liberation moments are about. And if you are open to discovering a mindful/ heartfelt embrace of what it means to connect with your community with mindful focus and healing?

Then mindfulness can be an opportunity to be with the momentum of change happening around us. You can find yourself waking up to the tiniest bit of change, when you feel that enlightening moment you see humanity with a different perspective but hardly insignificant because of our interconnectedness.  It is almost a moment of reassurance and remembrance of what it means to be a human being. This tiny bit of insight can change you but also the world around you. But to be in support with the social changes that are necessary and sitting with it with open hearts to be fully tuned into living in this particular moment.

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