There is a symphony that creates our human collective, each of us playing our own part, in our unique way. Nature demonstrates the brilliance of collaboration again and again. We see it all around us.

But what happens when we don’t see this collectivity ….when we are in a state of non-doing or not being aware of anything. All this experience might happen below your consciousness awareness. It may even last for just a moment. As one thing leads to the next, much of the time you may be feeling partially conscious to this experience. This experience, this feeling is being in a state of autopilot. In this state you are not aware and ‘being’ by using processes or behaviors based on past behavior. The response to this state may be that you miss the most important moments of your life. Being with family, being present with your child. When unawareness dominates our minds the immediate consequences can be very unfortunate. All our decisions and actions are affected by it. We become dis-attached to the signals and symptoms of our bodies which prevents us from missing pain or even more lethal chronic illness which leads to us sometime taking on actions that suppress emotions, sensations in the body even further.

So if we want to see situations clearly, to know moment by moment what we are thinking, feeling and doing. Bring awareness to what we are actually doing. To not be driven by the tyranny of our thoughts. But to be with the feelings of not knowing. So staying with your body scan practice is one of many ways to cultivate a clarity in your body and mind and this is a major step in perceiving things as they actually are. Knowing what you are doing while you are doing is the purpose of mindfulness practice. Ultimately this makes our lives and our purpose in life far more real.

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