In these challenging times, we may be experiencing different levels of heightened emotions. The endless thoughts and voices in our heads can add up – leading to us feeling isolated or emotional difficulty of things not working the way we expected. 

So how it could be helpful in this moment to learn to manage this torment by experiencing healing through our relationships. 

If we can set up an intentional meeting with our loved ones, family, friends this can create moments where you don’t feel anxious. It can stop the walls and the intensity that might be surrounding us and give us space to manage these emotions in a social way. We are learning how connected we are in our interdependence as a human species. We are feeling in a strong way, our common humanity. We are experiencing what Jon Kabat Zinn calls “ relationality.” Our ability to see how we are all related to each other and everything around us. We are noticing our interdependence and our interconnection and our relationships help us become more grateful for this simple truths.

This awareness helps the mind rest and relax. There is no right way to cultivate rest in our mind, but focusing on our relationships, and having relationship conversation and connection with attention is just a simple practical way where effort is not needed. You don’t have to do anything but just set the intention to have a human connection in your relationships right now. We are learning how life is the real curriculum to whatever our purpose right is right now, that includes the good , the bad and the ugly. Placing our attention to our relationships this gives us the opportunity to learn lessons.  These lessons can be even more meaningful by connecting with the people we care about the most right now. 

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